Sunday, June 24, 2012

SOLD Items

Coach Vintage Fully Leather Cherut Bag
Made in USA
RM 320 (SOLD To Shazuin)

Carlo Rino Brown Leather Sling Clutch Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Florensia)

Charles Jourdan Actif France Leather Sling Clutch Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Lina)

Gianni Versace Dinner Party Bag
RM 120 (SOLD To Rae)

International Flyer Colour Big Bucket Bag
RM 145 (SOLD To Su yi)

Jane Shilton London Leather Shoulder Bag
RM 145 (SOLD To Aqilah)

Picard Dark Green Leather Bag
RM 130 (SOLD To Nadiah)

Pelco Brown Leather Sling Bag
RM 95 (SOLD)

Santi Canada Brown Leather Sling Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Marielyn)

Capacci Brown Leather Shoulder Bag
RM 90 (SOLD To Wan Nur)

Alviero Martini 1A Classe Leather Monogram
Made in Italy
Condition 8:10
Small Hand Bag
RM 48 (SOLD To Michie)

Kismet Stingray Skin 2 ways Bag
RM 99 (SOLD To Lynda)

Carriage London Brown Leather Clutch
RM 140 (SOLD To Jaja)

Lambskin Feather Patchwork Handmade Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Lynda)

Bruno Magli Italy Leather Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Siti)
Celine Paris Monogram Leather Bag
(Authentic Made in Italy With Series Number)
RM 180 (SOLD To Phoebe)

Loewe Madrid 
Fully Green Leather Cherut Bag
Made in Madrid
RM 280 (SOLD To Yun)

Christian Dior France Vintage Clutch
RM 100 (SOLD)

Pelco Italy Maroon Leather Sling Bag
RM 89 (SOLD To Shida)

Carlo Rino Brown Leather Small Sling Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Sri)

Charles Jourdan Paris Leather Trim Bucket Bag
RM 120 (SOLD To Hasnirah)

Carlo Rino Italy Brown Leather Combat Bag
RM 120 (SOLD To Fatima)

Stingray Skin Shoulder Bag
RM 98 (SOLD To Eima)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Trim Backpack
RM 290 (SOLD to BKTJ)

Bally Italy Leather  Shoulder Bag
RM 180 (SOLD To Hasnirah)

Coach Cowhide Leather Authentic with serial Number
Made In USA 2ways Bag 
(Backpack and Sling)
RM 458 (SOLD)

Eastpak Leather Bottom Vintage Backpack
Made in USA
RM 158 (SOLD To Hafifi)

Russell Bromley Spain Leather Bucket Bag
RM 120 (SOLD To Zaliza)

Trussardi Italy Small Cute Sling Bag
RM 98 (SOLD To Florensia)

Belle Italy Leather Bucket Bag
RM 95 (SOLD To Marielynn)

Bonia Black Leather Sling Bag
RM 90 (SOLD To Lynda)

Bonia Black Leather Bagpack
With Card

RM 180 (SOLD To Lynda)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Shoulder Bag
Vintage USA
Condition :Sling Strap Altered to Shoulder
RM 190 (SOLD)

Vase Shape Leather Unique Bag
RM 88 (SOLD)

Giamax Monogram Leather Square Bag
RM 125 (SOLD)

Carlo Rino 2tones Leather Sling Bag
Condition Like New
Made in Italy
RM 120 (SOLD To Akma)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Clutch
Size : 12 x 8 x 4 inch
Pen Stain Inside
Price : RM 180 
(SOLD To Hadi)

Rabeanco Greyish Genuine Leather Handbag
Condition Very Very Good

RM 150 (SOLD To Jaja)

Aigner Italy Leather With Series number 8
(Scratched inside.. see the photo)
RM 169 (SOLD To Atoq sis)

Guess USA Vintage Leather 2ways Bag
RM 95 (SOLD To Tiha)

Christian Dior Dark Blue Leather BackPack
Made in France
RM 228 (SOLD To Andie)

Picard Germany Black Leather Handbag
RM 168 (SOLD To FD)

Salvatore Ferragamo Canvas Leather Trim Shoulder Bag
Made in Italy With Serial Number
RM 170 (SOLD)

Agnes B Voyage Leather With Marble Shoulder Bag
RM 98 (SOLD To Akmal)

Sistem Penerbangan Malaysia (Vintage)
(New Old Stock)
RM 148 (SOLD To Wan)

Fendi Italy Canvas Tote Bag
Condition 9.5:10
RM 158 (SOLD To Wan)

Charles Jourdan Actif France Leather Bag
RM 79 (SOLD To Nina)

Aigner Italy Black Leather Short Sling Bag
RM 88 (SOLD Yo Nisa)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Combat Bag

Condition : Some Leather Trim crack and Pen Stain inside
RM 268 (SOLD To Hadi)

Longchamp Leather Trim Hobo bag
Tunisia Made
Authentic With Series Number
Minor Faded Surface 
(See Photo)

RM 180 (SOLD To Emma Maria

Christian Dior Monogram Leather Trim
Made in France
Condition Like New
Rm 150
 (SOLD To Sofia)

Trussardi Leather Tote Bag 
Italy Made
RM 298 (SOLD To Aniey)

Bally Black Leather Bucket Bag
Made in Italy
RM 138 (SOLD To Zira)

Gucci Monogram leather Black Sling Bag
Made in Italy Authentic with Serial Number
(The Strap Got Bite see closer)
RM 128 (SOLD To Shafiq)

Gucci Canvas Monogram Leather Trim Large Hand Carry Tote Bag
Authentic Italy with Series Number
Condition : Minor Pen Stain (Looks Photo)
RM 428 (SOLD To Alex)

Dooney And Bourke Fully Leather Backpack
Made in USA with Series Number

Condition Perfect
RM 348 (SOLD To ND)

Pringle Of Scotland Monogram Leather Shoulder Bag
Pen Stain Inside
RM 125 (SOLD)

Velvet Gold Ring Mexico Cherut Bag
RM 78 (SOLD To JT)

Christian Dior Monogram Black Leather Sling Bag
Made in France
RM 178 (SOLD To Aizat)

Mulberry Leather ScotchGrain lining Bucket Bag
Made in England Authentic With Series number

Riri Zip
RM 258 (SOLD To Zaliza)

Carlo Rino Leather Briefcase
Size 15x11x4 inch

RM 168 (SOLD To kheme)

Lancel Paris
Made in Italy
Red Leather With Gold Grip
RM 288 (SOLD To Jaja)

Dooney and Bourke Leather With Solid Brass Sling Bag
Made in USA 
Authentic with Serial Number
RM 159 (SOLD To Jaja)

Bonia Fully Brown Leather Briefcase With Numbering LockNumbering Lock Will Give After Confirm Buy
Size 15x11x4 inch
RM 268 (SOLD To Dayang)

Nikon Travel Bag
Vintage Half Leather + Half Pvc
Made in Japan
RM 200 (SOLD To Wan)

MCM Vintage Drawstring Bag
RM 340 (SOLD To Auntie)

Christian Dior France Leather Vintage Clutch
Scratched Inside Below Flip
RM 75 (SOLD To Boik)

Gucci Monogram Italy Vintage Leather Clutch
No Series Number
RM 150 (SOLD To Michelle)

Gianni Versace Shopping Bag
RM 100 (SOLD To Joe)

Lancel Paris Black Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag
Made in France

Condition 10:10
RM 228 (SOLD To Azman)

Cowhide Fully Leather Customade Office Bag
Size : 13.5 inch W x 11 inch H x 5 inch Side 
RM 258 (SOLD To Syahir)

Aylesbury Buckinghamshire Bucket Leather Bag
2 strap Long and Short
RM 125 (SOLD To CT)

Bally Italy White Leather Sling Bag
Condition 9:10
RM 88 (SOLD To Nabila)

Charles Jourdan France Sling Clutch Bag
RM 25 (SOLD To JJ)

Metro Black Leather Big Clutch
Condition 9 : 10
RM 49 (SOLD To Hayati)

Summer Black Leather Bucket Bag
Condition 9.9 : 10
RM 85 (SOLD To Jenny)

Bonia Brown Leather Sling Clutch Bag II
New Old Stock (NOS)
RM 110 (SOLD To Atiqah)

Pelco Brown Leather Bag

RM 69 (SOLD To Aty)
Toscano 2 tones Leather Bag
RM 78 (SOLD To Boik)


YSL Vintage Leather Trim Shoulder / Handbag
Made in France
Condition Very Very Good
RM 220 (SOLD To Auntie)

Mario Brown Leather Bucket Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Syuhada)

Fossil Long Live Vintage 1954
Fully Leather surface with Solid Brass Key

Shoulder / Handbag / Tote
Condition 10 : 10
RM 280 (SOLD To Nana)

Gucci Authentic with Series Number
Shoulder Leather Bag with Gucci Solid Brass
Made in Italy
Used (See Scratched inside) 
RM 138 (SOLD To Leya)

Handmade Fully Leather Sling BagSize 14x11x4.5 inch
RM 268 (SOLD)

Berre Brown Leather Bucket Bag
New Old Stock (NOS)
RM 128 (SOLD To Auntie)

East India Company Combat Bag
11.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 inch
Used Bag Thick Soft Leather
RM 168 (SOLD)

YSL France Leather Trim Sling Bag
New Old Stock (NOS) 
RM 148 (SOLD To Zura)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Clutch Bag
RM 188 (SOLD To Apez)

Russell Bromley Italy Leather Unique Shape Bag
RM 88 (SOLD To Fara)

Hilly Italy Black Leather Shoulder Bag
RM 79 (SOLD to Faridah)

Binocular Vintage 1980 Leather Bag
RM 85 (SOLD to Hadi)
Sergio Rossi Fully Leather With Gold Brass Handbag
Italy Made
RM 388 (SOLD To Faridah)

Vintage Burberrys Monogram Leather Made in England
Rm 258 (SOLD To Shuen)

YSL Paris Vintage Monogram PVC Small Bucket Bag

Bonia Brown Leather Doctor Bag with Key Lock
RM 199 (SOLD To S Y)

Salvatore Ferragamo Light Blue Leather
Made in Italy With Series Number
RM 259 (SOLD)

Sonia Rykiel Paris Leather Clutch Bag
RM 148 (SOLD To Faiz)

Polo Ralph Lauren USA Monogram Leather Sling Bag
(New Old Stock)
Condition 10:10
RM 345 (SOLD To Wendy)

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