Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SOLD item May 2014

Coach Red Full Grain Leather
Made in United State
RM 380 (SOLD)

Polo Ralph Lauren Monogram Leather Bag
Strap + Tag Stick Together
RM 240 (SOLD To Amy)

Karrimor Vintage Backpack
RM 85 (SOLD To Bob)

St. Lopez Brown Leather Big Bucket Bag
RM 145 (SOLD)

Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Sling Bag I
Made in USA with Serial Number
RM 235 (SOLD)

Giamax Italy Leather Sling Clutch Bag
RM 70 (SOLD)

Handmade Leather Sling Bag
RM 65 (SOLD)

Salisburys England Leather Shoulder Bag
RM 75 (SOLD)

Outdoor Shoulder Strap Leather Bottom Vintage Backpack
Made in USA
Stanford University Stitching

(Got Hand Stitching at the side bag)
RM 68 (SOLD)
Neiman Marcus Italy Leather Sling Bag
RM 69 (SOLD)

Hilly Leather Gold Chain Bag
RM 85 (SOLD To Nadiah)
Sachs Lederwaren Monogram Leather Trim Sling Bag
RM 65 (SOLD To Ienda)

Cartier Paris Vintage Leather Italy Made Sling Bag
RM 120 (SOLD To Laily)

Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Sling Bag II
Made in USA with Solid Brass and Serial Number
RM 200 (SOLD To Wan)

DKNY Leather Unisex Shourder Bag
12 X 9 X 3.5 inch|
RM 280 (SOLD To AD)
Aigner Italy Made
Surface Scratches at the Back and minor Scratches At Front
Riri Zipper
RM 85 (SOLD To Farhana)

Tonino Lamborghini Italy Leather Bucket Bag
RM 135 (SOLD To Shiying)

Christian Dior France Monogram Leather Trim Clutch
RM 155 (SOLD To Hanim)

Pelco 1980 Brown Leather Sling Bag 
RM 85 (SOLD To Hanim)
Sachs Lederwaren Monogram 2 Tones Leather Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Julie)
Alfio Raldo Black Leather Sling Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Julie)

Polo Ralph Lauren Small Backpack
RM 50 (SOLD To Nurul)

Bonia Italy Black Canvas Leather Trim Sling Clutch
RM 78 (SOLD To Julie)

Giamax Black Leather Bucket Bag
Thick Leather
Condition : Some Button Missing
RM 78 (SOLD To Hanim)

Firina Leather Combat Girl Sling Bag
RM 85 (SOLD)

Balenciaga Paris Monogram Leather Trim Handbag
With Serial Number
RM 180 (SOLD To Hanim)

Unique England Leather Clutch Make up bag
RM 65 (SOLD To Hanim)


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Bag2 yg bagus...harga berpatutan...

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Thanks a lot. This has been nice hearing Brando Leather Jackets

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