Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2016 Vintage Bags and Designer Bags

All Bags Are Vintage / New Old Stock /  
Pre Own.. Authentic..No iMitation 
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Cascine Firenze Leather Trim Round Shape
RM 70

Giamax Ostrich Black Leather Sling Bag
RM 70   (SOLD To Nang)                                                        

Handmade Japan Leather Drawstring Bag
RM 90

Lanvin Paris Monogram Sling Bag
RM 55

YSL France Leather Trim Clutch Bag
Condition 9:10
RM 150

Picard Germany Leather Sling Bag
RM 140

Sachs Lederwaren Black Leather Bag
RM 80

Saffiano Monogram Leather Trim Bucket Bag
RM 120 (SOLD)

Giamax Italy Leather Sling Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Steph)

Polo Ralph Lauren Tote Bag
RM 230

Dooney Bourke All Weather Leather Sling Bag
Made in USA
RM 380

Giamax Brown Leather Sling Clutch Bag
RM 75

Singapore Airlines Vintage Sling Bag
RM 150

YSL Parfums Pink Tote Bag
Made in France
16 inch Wide X 13 inch Height
Rm 100

Mulberry England Leather Grain Scotch Linen With Series Number
Made in England 
RM 270

Leopard PVC Printed Make Up Bag
Size 10x7x3 inch
RM 80

Sonia Rykiel Sacs Travel Bag 
(Made in Japan)
RM 88 (SOLD To Julie)

Dunlop Trampoline Postage Bag 
RM 60

YSL France Reptile Leather Shoulder Bag
Condition : Preloved 9:10
RM 250 (SOLD To Monica)

Pelco Brown Leather Bucket Bag
RM 140 (SOLD to Indah)

GAP Leather Shoulder Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Carol)

Giamax Ostrich Leather Small Sling Bag 
RM 85 (SOLD To Efa)

Green Reptile Leather Small Sling Bag
RM 35 (SOLD To Miera)

Lancel Paris Sling Bag
RM 180 (SOLD To Sue)

Fred Perry Shoulder Bag
Made in China
RM 65 (SOLD)

Marwell Black Leather Doctor Handbag
RM 70 (SOLD To Sue)

Pascale Crochon Leather Clutch Bag
RM 30 (SOLD To Nany)

Pilly Italy Black Leather Sling Bag
RM 85 

(SOLD To Dewi)

Native Knit Leather Backpack
RM 90 (SOLD To Miera)

Yenko Italy White Leather Bag
RM 75 (SOLD To Nany)

Belle Brown Leather Sling Bag
RM 85 (SOLD To Yana)

Briefcase Sling Leather Bag
Made in Colombia
A3 Size
RM 300 (SOLD)

Rope Japan Leather Trim Bucket Bag
RM 100 (SOLD To Miera)

My Lady England Leather Black Sling Bag
RM 60 (SOLD To Steph)

Christian Dior Monogram Sling Bag
Made in France
RM 85(SOLD to Julie)

Carlo Rino Black Leather Sling Bag
RM 80 (SOLD To Efa)